Responsive & Nimble

From proposal to project completion, our primary concern is keeping our customers ahead of schedule, and to ultimately build successful projects. We can quickly provide estimates, issue prompt & precise detailing, and rapidly resolve any RFI inquiries to always produce & deliver on schedule.

Joist and Deck are commodity products -- the only thing we really can sell is our service. To make a difference, we simply need to do what we say. If we give a customer a schedule for drawings or product delivery, we need to deliver on that commitment. If a customer makes special request, we have to make every possible effort to accommodate them."
— Bill Jacoway, Sales Manager
We want to please our customers. We want to give our customers what they are asking for. We want to give our customers the support they need throughout the process beginning with the bid and ending with delivery in the field."
— Terry Helms, Quality Control Manager

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