We're a family

We’re proud to say many employees have been at Valley for over 10 years, and a few have been with us for almost 40 years. The knowledge, expertise, and support of our most experienced team members is passed on to all across all aspects of our business — and it shows.

Whether you're in sales, in the shop, in engineering, in detailing or anywhere, you feel supported. We're all friends here. Actually, it's more than that - we're a tight knit family.
— ArieAnn Parks, Sales


Join our Team

What I love about Valley is the way we can maintain a family atmosphere while producing the large quantities of joists and deck that we do. It's great to have co-workers that are willing to jump in, help out and be invested in your success. It really makes it easy to come to work in the morning.
- Randy Garrett, Detailing


A safe place to work

Valley Joist + Deck believes in investing in a safe and healthy work environment. Our workforce is our number one asset and our safety standards were set to ensure everyone is protected. High safety standards keep us confident, motivated, competitive and profitable.

Safety is job 1. It actually comes before service & production. In a safe environment, we set the standard to produce high quality products and provide the best service to our customers. Safety is a part of everyone's job — from management to the line.

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